Saturday, February 7, 2009

“Stop Looking…”

It’s Monday... Oh! I forgot that there was flag ceremony so as usual, I was late. But, this time, we made it more adventurous than before. Ü I was with “abby”. We were actually close friends especially when it comes to wickedness in short, “kalokohan”. Many students were also tardy so we grabbed the opportunity to run off. At first, I thought that she was just kidding but then she dared me if I can do it. Of course, I said “YES” and besides, they know me for being naughty. So, we did it, we escaped! We assumed that Mr. Quiogue will not notice that somebody was missing. And we’re right! He did not notice us. Ü Actually, I was tensed because that was my first time but when I reached my classroom, I feel glad and saved! Hahaha.:) It started my day cheerful! At least I don’t need to wait for about an hour standing in front of our school. That is so booorrriiinng…

When I was in the classroom, I was really a BITCH, as in! I kept on talking and talking of nonsense things and I can’t stop myself from saying bad words as in BAD!!! I don’t know why, but for every sentence that comes out from my mouth there’s always gago, tanga, bobo and worst, putang ina. Waah! Is it already part of my expressions? I hate it, but I can not control it! And one more thing is that I influenced my friend, “mikky” a lot! By the end of the day we’re both kept on saying those fucking words. Haayy... I just hope that we, I mean I, could change this attitude ASAP, ‘coz I know and I can feel that my classmates hate me for that but, the question is, so what? Do I care for them? They’re just my classmates and that’s all. Hahaha. I was really bad, just kidding, Harvey! I love you??? Whatever! Ü Ooh… I remembered that “febby” moved closer to me this day. Haha. That was cool perhaps I could know him more. Yeah right, and this day I discovered something new about him and that something had ruined my day.

It was around 9 o’ clock in the morning. Our subject was Chemistry. We checked our seatwork last Friday. I chose to check febby’s paper because first I admired him as what I’ve said and second mikky—he’s no.1 competitor—needs to know his score. While waiting for our teacher to show the answers, I noticed febby doing something. I tried to see clearer what he was doing but he hindered me and said, “Stop looking…” After a second, I realized that he’s checking “kabby”’s paper, his best friend? But it’s not the big deal; the big deal is that he’s changing the WRONG answers of kabby to correct answers which give kabby a higher score. I immediately confronted mikky about it and we’re both surprised, especially me. I was not expecting that he’s like that and you know what? He got a perfect score. I’m talking about febby, I believed that he really deserves it because I know that he’s really intelligent, but the thing that I cannot accept is that he’s giving too much consideration to his friends up to the point that he’s already doing something that is not right. He does not need to do that, he is smart! But his friends need him!!! Oh God! Hayy.. I wanted to save him but who am I? And maybe he might say that “nagmamagaling ako” and besides, I’m worse than him. I just remained unspoken since I do not have the right to speak. I guess so… But I would not allow them to do the same things over and over again.

Before going home, I spent some time with my friends, but actually were incomplete because munch was absent. We went to our tambayan and chatted there about our secrets. I knew a lot from starry and most of her stories were unexpected. I really like her for being true to us and for trusting us. I just hope that our friendship will last…

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

vacation is over..:(

waaahh!!! back to school!!! starting tomorrow we will have classes already!! i'm not yet ready... my things are still not prepared,,
and i have a problem... my L.A.S.!!! i think i cannot pass that tomorrow.. yes i have answers..but my pages are wet!!! arrggg!!! how can i pass that?!
well thanks to steffie.. because she's helping me right now where i can get a copy of that.. i hope someone will help me... haaay..
and also, i'm not yet done with ana's notebooks!! last vacation i borrowed that to copy her notes but still i'm not yet done doing it!! haay... i don't know what will happen..

i'm not yet reviewing for the quiz in algebra this coming friday... actually i don't even remember what's the topic all about.. gosh!! i'm so stupid!!! i hope that everything will be alright tomorrow...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

christmas vacation...

oh.. how's your christmas?? mine?? happy...?

we spent our christmas in Montalban with our family. But unfortunately my father was not able to spend his christmas with us.. he's still at work. i met my cousins. and i was surprised because their names was similar to my crushes.. hehehehe. but actually i didn't enjoy there. i'd rather choose to spend christmas in our own house than there. i'm out of place. how about my sister? my brother? they're busy playing computer and always arguing. haay.. i just spent my whole day smiling with them and answering to their questions. what a fuck?! arrgg... i really hate my christmas day.

yesterday i was happy because my father arrived home already and we will celebrate the new year's day together.Ü i'm so happy and until now we're still preparing for that... i also had my new year's resolution. i'd list a lot!!!! hehehehe. i hope that i can do that.....

Saturday, November 3, 2007


waah! i can't uderstand myself diz past few days.. i don't know why.. before,, my problems do not affect my attitude,, but now,, it really matters. i can't hide my true feelings especially for my friends.. i was really frank!!! and i hate it!! arrgg!! i know some of them think that i'm so bad or whatever!! it's because of my actions.. sometimes i'm really tactless but i'm sensitive,, sometimes i'm very happy and super L****!!! i know some of my friends and classmates didn't understand me.. and with that,, they will hate me..


that's what i want to say to everyone!!! i'm really really sorry... i just can't control my attitudes.. and it's ok if some of you are traitors!!
but thanks a lot to those who understand and still love me!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i'm so lost.....

mejo matagal na ring walang pasok... nakakatamad sa house namin,, walang magawa! miss na miss ko na classmates ko.. nakakamiss din pala.... hehehehe.Ü lalo na mga friends ko... CHUPACHUPZ 2 (lorraine,sarah,angel,elysia,rc and shempre ako.Ü) sobrang dami na naming moments.... we've been friends since last year! haay.... mejo sad pa ko,, kc.. wala akong lovlyf. :( i'm happy for being single pero iba pren ung feeling pag may nagpapasaya sau. pero that's fine. before i was happy with someone.. pero nagsisi lang ako kasi super minahal ko yung taong na akala ko mahal din ako, but i was wrong! ginamit nya lang ako para pagselosin ung totoong mahal nya, ansakit sa kin pero i still need to move on dahil di lang sha ang lalaki sa mundo! pero mahirap pala talaga kalimutan ang taong minahal mo ng sobra... pero sabi nga nila it takes time,, so until now tinatago ko pa rin ung true feelings ko.. and parang nakktkot ng magmahal ulit ee. kasi sobrang hirap pla masaktan! wala kang magawa kundi umiyak.. pero hindi ko pinagsisisihan na iwanan sha dahil ngayon nalaman ko na talagang my decision was right! sa ngayon di ko muna kelangan ng love.. i'm happy with maii FRIENDS. they're always there for me.... may tamang panahon 4 that,, cguro kaya ako minalas kasi mashado akong agressive! at inaamin ko yun. mashadon kong ngmamadali. my dad was right. kung nkinig lang sana ako sa kanya e di sana di ako nahihirapan ngayon na kalimutan ang past ko... kaya it serves as a lesson for me... hehehehehe.Ü nmimiss ko na magbasa!!! buong vacation kasi puro gala, kain, tulog lang ako.. tamad akong mag-aral ee... haaay.. so i will promise myself to change for the better!.Ü para nman matuwa na parents ko sa 'kin! puro problema na lang dinadala ko sa kanila ee....